Another incredibly comprehensive read, Leon. The UFO thing is so interesting and Jason’s unquie experience with this phenomena is even more so.

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I lived in Kofu, Yamanashi for a few years, and the people there told me of a UFO sighting there in 1975. It is on Wikipedia, but only in Japanese: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%94%B2%E5%BA%9C%E4%BA%8B%E4%BB%B6

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Love this content. I post about niche alien content in my substack Out of this World, if this topic interests you ☺️

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During the Second World War, the British Air Ministry claimed that the success of British pilots in the air war against Germany was because their pilots were eating carrots to give them exceptional night vision. However, while it is true that carrots are rich in vitamin A (which helps the eye convert light into a signal that is sent to the brain, helping to make us see in the dark), the claim was just propaganda, a misdirection to conceal the truth: the British had invented radar!

It’s a similar story with UFOs and aliens. While it may be true that ET UFOs and beings may have visited Earth and may be living among us, the vast majority of UFOs are in fact secretly man-made.

The Germans/Prussians were working on flying-saucer technology at least as far back as the nineteenth century. Have a look at the Sonora Aero Club in California and the work of Charles Dellschau, eg:


By the end of the Second World War, the NAZIs had almost perfected the flying saucer with their “Bell” (“Glocke”) project, based in Lower Silesia, Poland. It employed plasma technology generated by counter-rotating drums of red mercury at high speed, charged with high-voltage electricity:


After the war, the German NAZI Paperclip scientists continued the work in America. By October, 1956, they had perfected anti-gravity and anti-gravity propulsion. However, it seems fairly clear from Operation Highjump (1946-47), from Roswell (1947) and the 1952 Washington DC UFO incident that the German NAZI scientists who escaped to Argentina at the end of the war succeeded before the Americans.

The triangular-shaped UFO reported by former First Lady Hatoyama Miyuki was probably a Lockheed-Martin TR3B Aurora. These craft have been in service since the 1980s:


It is also worth mentioning that the man-made “UFOs” of today are probably based on ancient technology from earlier civilizations on Earth, technology which has been preserved over the millennia by various secret societies, eg, the vimana craft described in ancient Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics.

If there is a “UFO cluster” around Fukushima, then it is more than likely because the Americans have a “UFO” base underground or undersea in the area. Unlikely? Maybe not:


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So happy I found you on Reddit! This is fascinating stuff. Thanks for the hard work you put into writing these posts. Subbed and recommended!

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Wow. White people were considered to be aliens in Japan? Figures! Jokes apart, most myth making has some very real backgrounds

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