We run a small cafe in our studio, and like most small businesses, we prefer cash. It saves us the ridiculous 15% overhead incurred through credit card companies and processing fees and all the other associated things one needs to pay for to accept digital payments.

Now, online business is another thing, but for local shops, customers and businesses win with cash. I think that's part of why so many small businesses in Japan still prefer to get a 500 yen coin? Gosh I miss the act of dropping a coin and getting a huge hot steaming bowl of udon in exchange :-D

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A great way to celebrate 500 subscribers, Leon. And as always an interesting read.

I have a few rare(ish) Australian coins that I’ve collected over the years, not because I’m big on collecting but rather that I just like momentos and specialty coins for some strange reason I haven’t quite figured out.

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Sep 15, 2023·edited Sep 15, 2023

Cashless currency is a direct attack on our personal privacy and freedoms. It provides the authorities with a key to implementing a social-credit system. It will in effect turn us all into slaves. Anyone who does not yet understand this will benefit from spending some time doing a little research into the subject. Yes, cashless is quick and efficient; but it is also a trap whose jaws are waiting to snap closed on us!


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